Výrobcovia implantátov často ponúkajú množstvo voľno dostupných reklamných materiálov vo viacerých jazykoch, ale takisto množstvo informácií o kandidátoch, službách alebo výskume. Komentár k jednotlivým zdrojom sme zachovali v anglickom jazyku vzhľadom na to, že aj samotné materiály sú v angličtine.

Cochlear Americas /Nucleus System
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Introduction to Cochlear Implants (video closed captioned, 15 minutes)

This is a videotape developed in 2002 that provides an excellent overview of the anatomy and physiology of the ear, cochlear implants and how they work, the surgical procedure, and the post surgical hook up. While specific to the Nucleus brand implant, this tape provides a general overview of implants regardless of the manufacturer.

Nucleus 24 Contour: The Shape of Things to Come (video also available in Spanish)

This promotional/educational videotape highlights three families with an implanted family member: a mother of two teens implanted as an adult, a 3year old twin implanted at 15 months, and a 9 year old boy implanted after having worn hearing aids from age 18 months; it also details Nucleus implant technology, how the implant is fitted, and how it functions.

Twins: A Cochlear Implant Study (video open captioned, 30 minutes)

This videotape follows the language development of three sets of twins up to 4½ years of age (original tape followed the twins through age 3). Each set of twins has a deaf twin with an implant and a hearing twin.

What to Expect at a Child’s Hookup (video closed captioned, 60 minutes)

An in depth explanation of issues integral to fitting the external components of a cochlear implant in the weeks following surgery are included in this videotape. Contents include the initial hookup, programming of the speech processor, including selecting the speech coding strategies and setting levels individual to each child, the child’s first listening experiences, expectations for the implant, and troubleshooting of the implant system.

This video covers many of the nitty-gritty questions families may have related to what goes into the fitting and the use of an implant.

Start Listening: A Guide to Pediatric Rehabilitation (video open captioned, 27 minutes)

This video includes a basic, easy to follow progression of auditory development narrated by an auditory verbal therapist. This video provides information and ideas regarding how to facilitate the process of attaching meaning to sound, and provides a framework for developing listening skills, issues for consideration in developing listening skills, and strategies to promote listening regardless of whether a child is using an oral approach or a

Total Communication approach. Strategies are provided related to promoting awareness of sound, providing an optimal listening environment, facilitating vocal play, integrating listening with language and cognition, as well as vocabulary and reading development.

Nucleus Accessories and Assistive Listening Devices (closed captioned, 35 minutes)

Narrated by a cochlear implant user, this video discusses the various accessories to maximize listening through a cochlear implant. Devices covered include those used to assist with: a) listening in background noise, b) using a traditional phone and cell phone, c) listening to music, d) troubleshooting the implant device, and e) use of FM systems.

Cochlear Implant Resource Guide: Meeting Children’s Needs at School

This Guide is for individuals who regularly work with children with cochlear implants regarding their needs in educational settings, including clinicians in cochlear implant centers and educational personnel in school settings. It consists of both new and existing materials that have been compiled and organized to correspond with typical issues relating to children’s needs at school. The guide is organized in a loose leaf notebook to allow easy removal and copying of specific materials. The contributing authors have given permission for their materials to be copied and used in this fashion, to encourage maximum dissemination to school personnel, parents, and others. Cochlear Americas will update the guide periodically with revised and new content. (To order call Cochlear’s Customer Service at 18005235798.

Part number: FUN528 Price $50.00)

Hear We Go (Individualized rehabilitation workbook for teenagers)

This CD contains an easy to install program that allows the therapist to access rehabilitation exercises and generate an individualized rehabilitation workbook for the Nucleus recipient. The workbook is built around 24 different topical interests for older children and teenagers and 3 different auditory skill levels within each topic. It also contains additional topics like Active Listening, Telephone Training, Communication Strategies, and more. It can either be printed or emailed to the recipient it has been designed for.

(To order call Cochlear’s Customer Service at 18005235798. $25.00)

HOPE (Habilitation Outreach for Professionals in Education)

A comprehensive collection of products and services designed to assist educational personnel in addressing the unique needs of children with cochlear implants. HOPE includes online training for professionals, Cochlear products for professionals and parents, HOPE services, and workshops and seminars. For more information:


MEDEL Corporation
2222 East Highway 54
Beta Building, Suite 180
Durham, NC 27713
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Web: http://www.medel.com/

How a Cochlear Implant Works (video closed captioned, 15 minutes)

In addition to providing basic information about the MEDEL device and the testimonials of two adults and a parent of a deaf child discussing their choice to obtain a cochlear implant, this video provides a clear, animated segment on how a cochlear implant works.

Listening Is Fun Video Kit (guidebook and video)

This is a guide for parents and families of cochlear implanted children. The theme of the guidebook is learning to listen through everyday activities. There is a suggested range of activities which are designed to encourage the child to listen and have fun at the same time. Activities are grouped and color coded. Each color group activity covers different levels of listening skills. The price is $25.00/set.

Advanced Bionics/Clarion System
Mann Biomedical Park
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Email: hear@advancedbionics.com
Web: http://www.advancedbionics.com/

The Guide to Cochlear Implants for Parents and Educators (guide book and CD)

The guide and accompanying CD offers a comprehensive look at the way the cochlear implant functions. It describes ways educators, parents, and other professionals can check the system to ensure it is functioning optimally and how to use its many features effectively in helping a child acquire and use spoken language.

Cecilia’s Story (video open captioned, 47 minutes)

This documentary follows Cecilia and her family from birth through age 8 as they make communication and technology decisions related to Cecilia’s deafness. Using Cecilia’s story as a vehicle, this video covers many of the issues families face in making decisions for their deaf child related to communication choices and whether or not to consider a cochlear implant, as well as going through the implantation process.

Hearing Your Life (video open captioned, 34:55 minutes)

This documentary follows the lives of four adults before and after receiving the Clarion Hi Resolution cochlear implant. Each individual discusses the impact deafness has had on their lives and how much they benefited from getting a cochlear implant. This video describes the process of hearing and impact of hearing loss as well as how the cochlear implant works.

“Loud and Clear” Rehabilitation Newsletter

Issue devoted to the topic of sign language and cochlear implants can be downloaded at:


Infant Toddler Meaningful Auditory Integration Scale (ITMAIS)

The ITMAIS is a parent report checklist to document a young child’s use of sound in the natural environment. Ten questions with an accompanying rating scale are provided addressing such areas as “Is the child’s vocal behavior affected while wearing his/her sensory aid (hearing aid or cochlear implant?” and “Does the child spontaneously respond to his/her name in quiet with auditory cues only when not expecting to hear it?”.

The scale helps document the small steps in development of listening skills. This scale is widely utilized and available at no charge through Advanced Bionics.

Tools for Schools: Helping Children with Cochlear Implants Succeed in School

Advanced Bionics created a new division called the Educational Division of the Bionic Ear Association (BEAE). Their first initiative is The Tools For Schools Launch Kit.

The Kit includes:

  • Tools for Schools literature series
  • The Bionic Buddy movie on DVD or VHS
  • A poster on how a cochlear implant works
  • The Educator’s Guide CD Presentations
  • The Guide for Cochlear Implants for Parents and Educators
  • Services handouts

(To order contact: toolsforschools@advancebionics.com)

Online Training & Education Center

Advanced Bionics offers online training courses as well as live courses. For upcoming and recorded online courses as well as a listing of live courses, go to: http://www.audiologyonline.com/aointeractive/courses/courses.asp?pid=5