Thank you for coming here. We would like to ask you to consider supporting our NGO which serves families with a child with hearing loss since 2005.
At this moment we are fundraising money to be able to buy a New car for our NGO, pay for gas, car insurance and winter tires. Since a car cannot be provided by our Department of Education, for the last 9 years we’ve been using our volunteer family car for home visits. We drive up from 700 to 2000 km a month while visiting families. With a mileage of around 270 000 km (about 170,000 miles), personal car we use is slowly falling apart and we know that the only solution, how to be able to continue doing home based early intervention in families with deaf infants, is to get a new car for our NGO. Please, help us to continue to bring encouragement and education to families in need. If you prefer using TrasferWise, you can use this link to support our NGO IBAN:  SK35 0200 0000 0022 4682 8456 SWIFT:SUBASKBX Account holder: Infosluch, Benadicka 13, 851 06 Bratislava, Slovakia
What else you will support by donating to our NGO • We help by providing home based early intervention free of charge. We travel directly to the homes of the families in West and South Slovakia (to name few – Štúrovo, Nová Baňa, Dubnica nad Váhom, Topoľčany, Stará Turá, Lozorno…). Home based intervention saves parent’s money, time, and stress connected with transportation. Babies are calmer at home, thanks to which we can more effectively measure their hearing and share our observations with audiologists. • Parents can borrow appropriate educational toys from us for free for several months. • We offer free of charge first contact online counseling for parents with children who have hearing loss. • Thanks to our easy to read articles, which we publish at, we educate families but also provide information about different aspects of hearing loss for a wider community (special education teachers, adults with hearing loss) from all around Slovakia. • We have written 2 books for parents with a child with hearing loss, which are downloadable free of charge. They are called „Mame dieta s poruchou sluchu I, II“ • We help parents to communicate with their babies by both spoken and sign language. One of our latest projects includes a Slovak sign language app that aims to teach the parents important vocabulary that should help them communicate with their children with profound hearing loss. Android app is called Posunkuj HRAvo and is available free of charge for wider community. • Every year we educate our professional volunteers in order that they can provide better counseling. • With the NGO “Nepočujúce dieťa” (Deaf child) we help with community gatherings for families with deaf children (f.e. Santa Claus, Children’s day…) The aim of these gatherings and support groups is to connect parents together, so that they can share their personal experiences.